Helping Our Clients Achieve Superior Results

Our Value Proposition

At PSS our value proposition is simple. Our leadership team has years of experience working on the inside of large management consulting and staffing organizations. As such, we can deliver the superior results expected from a large firm under the banner of a small business.

Our Services

At PSS we believe in working where we have the most experience and can provide the greatest value. We have a strong background in:
  • Public Sector: At the core PSS is being built by helping our Public Sector clients. Our leadership team has been providing management consulting and staffing services to the Public Sector for years. PSS has experience in many segments of the Public Sector with special expertise within Health and Human Services.
  • Management Consulting: The foundation of our business is providing our clients with superior management consulting services in order to maximize their success. Whether we are working as a business advisor, in an oversight capacity, performing quality assurance or managing system development and integration, we pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality management consulting services. Our methodologies are all based on the industry best practices and our consultants have formal training and background using industry standards such as those put forth by IEEE, PMI, CMM, and SixSigma.
  • Information Technology: IT is a critical thread that runs through almost every facet of our business and personal lives. PSS' leadership team has exceptional experience staffing IT projects and crafting technology solutions and is ready to help you build your IT infrastructure.


Purple Squirrel Services, Inc. was incorporated in California in 2003. Since that time we have strived to build a reputation of providing the highest quality consultants and services to our clients.

We provide services throughout the Northwest, primarily out of our Oregon office.


PSS possesses important qualifications and certifications including:
  • California Multiple Award Schedule vendor (CMAS)
  • Oregon Master Service Agreement vendor

Supporting the Community

At PSS we believe in giving back to our community and making a positive difference. Our recent contributions and charities include:


PSS was founded by Jon and Juli Burchard. Jon and Juli are majority shareholders and serve as PSSí Board of Directors. Jon serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Juli serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Both Jon and Juli reside primarily in Salem, Oregon.

Cezer Boylan is a Regional Manager with responsibility for operations and business development in California.

What is a Purple Squirrel?

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